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Tampa Bay Fisheries (TBF) is a 20+year company located in the suburbs of Tampa, FL. We have USA and Overseas production capabilities. TBF has two production facilities that ships over 1.5 million pounds per week, making it one of the largest private label breaded seafood manufacturers in the United States.

Our Executive Management Team has 100+ years of experience in the seafood industry. We also have third, fourth, and fifth generation seafood families working at Tampa Bay Fisheries.

Seafood processing is a water intensive business. Our production facilities use approximately 200,000 gallons of water daily. The Management had the vision of sustainability to help protect our natural resources in an agricultural intensive region of Central Florida. TBF partnered with local nurseries to create a water treatment plant at the Dover facility. This massive project was in conjunction with Southwest Florida Water Management District, Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County, Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the University Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Today, TBF screens and treats its own water to provide its production facilities, nearby nurseries and other agriculture water. This saves millions of gallons of water from being pumped from the aquifer.

Tampa Bay Fisheries is not just a Marketing Company, we are a Production Company with marketing capabilities. This allows us to offer you the highest quality at the lowest cost, without having to pay for advertising and promotions that you may not want. We currently produce over 600 value added items. TBF still handles “in house” shrimp production, including packing fresh headless shrimp and operating our own Peeled & Deveined lines. The plant operates high-speed IQF production lines as well as old-fashioned hand breaded layer pack lines. Tampa Bay Fisheries is a Berry Amendment compliant facility packing for the U.S. Military.

Tampa Bay Fisheries is a fully integrated production company with joint venture sourcing, ranging from fishing vessel fleets in Florida and other Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coastal ports, to processing facilities in Mexico, Central America, South America and Asia. Along with our sister companies, TBF is part of the largest privately owned shrimp importing and packing group in the United States. This sourcing expertise and company size enables Tampa Bay Fisheries to assure you, as our business partner, competitive pricing, and strict adherence to your product and pack specifications.
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